U. S. Air Force - 623rd AC&W Squadron

Okinawa and the Ryukyu Archipelago

"Typhoon Alley" "The Rock"

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This website is respectfully dedicated to the men and women who staffed and continue to staff the many military units associated with the air defense of Okinawa and the USA.


2014 Reunion Information!!!

28 Sep-1 Oct 2014

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Looking for old friends from your tour on Okinawa?

This may help. A place where you can share your contact information and search for others.

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Looking for old friends from your tour on Okinawa?

This may help. A place where you can leave word about others you would like to contact.


Although our name suggests we are only the 623rd AC&W veterans, in reality we are veterans of many groups involved in the air defense of Okinawa. These include, the 624th & 851st AC&W Sq, Det.1 HQ 313 Air Divsion, 529th AC&W Gr & 2152 Comm Sq ( Okinawa air defense).

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The Detachments

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